Marcus Akinlana: Fly Ventures 2003 
Marcus Akinlana: Fly Ventures 2003 
Terminal A-West, Ticketing

Fly Ventures is a journey into the joys and adventures of flight. The work is a visual historical 
statement of the near misses and successes of humanity to master the sky. The images depicted give hints to the viewer of the great bravery, vision, determination and technological genius that humanity has shown in its efforts to master aviation. From mythical ancient times to the present, different peoples and cultures spanning across the globe have been involved in flight development. Fearless female aviators and their male counterparts have undertaken incredible feats to tame the sky. The scale of the murals and the sculptures that also spans into the ceiling within this space is also reflective of the theme of the artwork; the limitless boundaries of the sky are equally matched with humankind's quest to conquer it. The artist chose large, dynamic symbols to extend this concept of expansiveness and enormity. 
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