Offsite Parking

Offsite mapParking is also available offsite at several private short and long-term lots located in close proximity to PHL. Operators provide shuttles to/from the airport for patrons. Click on the links below for rates and more details.


  • WallyPark, 1 Scott Way, Philadelphia, PA 19153, located 0.5 miles from PHL
  • Colonial Airport Parking, 630 S. Governor Printz Boulevard, Lester, PA 19029, located 3.7 miles from PHL
  • Park n Fly, 7780 Essington Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19153, located 1.3 miles from PHL
  • Smart Park, 900 E. 2nd Street, Essington, PA 19029, located 4 miles from PHL
  • Jet Stream Parking, 930 2nd Street, Essington, PA, 19029, located 3.1 miles from PHL
  • Park & Jet Airport Parking, 76 Industrial Highway, Essington, PA 19029, located 4.5 miles from PHL
  • Econolodge Airport Parking, 600 Governor Printz Boulevard, Essington, PA 19020, located 4.5 miles from PHL