Media Guide

We are pleased to present the PHL Airport News Media Guide to reference as you cover Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) and Northeast Philadelphia Airport (PNE) events. Included are our operations and policies. Both Airports are owned and operated by the City of Philadelphia, using no local tax dollars. All questions regarding the operation and policies of the Airport should be directed to the Public Affairs Department.

Types of Emergencies

 It is important to understand the types of emergencies that may occur at the Airport, who responds, and what takes place.

    Alert I An aircraft experiences a possible problem (e.g. panel indicator light that advises of a potential operational problem, such as landing gear difficulty, etc.). Airport Operations, the Philadelphia Fire Department (Airport Unit), and the Philadelphia Police Department (Airport Unit) respond to the Alert. Off-Airport emergency units are also alerted. Personnel respond by assuming pre-designated positions on the Airport until Alert I status is terminated or secured.
    Alert II An aircraft accident or incident occurs on or proximate to the Airport. An Alert II activates all Airport and Off-Airport emergency units. The Airport Emergency Plan goes into effect with the Philadelphia Fire Department assuming control of the situation. The Airport may be closed and may only be re-opened by the CEO or her designee.
    Alert III A major aircraft accident or incident with potential for mass casualties occurs on or proximate to the Airport.
An Alert III activates all Airport and Off-Airport emergency units, including multiple alarms from the Philadelphia Fire Department. The Airport Emergency Plan goes into effect with the Philadelphia Fire Department assuming control of the situation. The Airport is automatically closed and may only be reopened by the CEO or her designee.
    Aircraft Hijacking/Hostage-Taking Incidents Initially, all Airport emergency units respond to such incidents, with the Philadelphia Police Department taking charge of the scene. Upon arrival, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has jurisdiction over hijacking/hostage incidents when the aircraft is on
the ground. Airport emergency units support agencies in charge.
    Bomb Threats There is reason to believe an explosive device or suspicious package has been found, or reported to be on Airport property or aircraft. The Philadelphia Police Department conducts the initial investigation. The Police Bomb Disposal Unit, the FBI, and other agencies may also become involved pending the results of the initial investigation. During such incidents, all Airport emergency units respond until the situation is secured.
    Code Red  Auto accidents, fire, fuel, and smoke, unusual odors and the release or potential release of hazardous materials. During a Code Red, responding units include Airport Fire, Police, Operations, and other units as required. Full response is provided to Code Red incidents, and outside agencies may be notified as required.
    Code Yellow Medical emergencies on Airport property, or in close proximity to the Airport. During a Code Yellow, responders include the Airport’s Medic Unit, Police, Operations, and other units as required. Immediate medical assistance and transportation to the hospital are provided as needed.
    Fuel Farm Fire An incident at the Airport’s Fuel Farm. Responding units include Airport Fire, Police, Operations, and other units as required. During a Fuel Farm fire, the Airport may be closed. Other agencies will be notified as required.
    Radiological Incident Report of the release or potential release of radioactive material on Airport property. Responding units include Airport Fire, Police, and Operations. The Fire unit evaluates the incident and determines the need for evacuations/quarantines. Nuclear regulatory agencies are notified and other agencies may become involved as required. Off-Airport emergency units are also alerted.
    Weather Emergencies The Public Affairs Department is available around the clock to answer questions about Airport operations, including delays, runway/taxiway closures, and field/weather condition reports.

Other Emergencies

Airport emergency units respond to other emergency situations as necessary. Other situations include:

  • Movement Area Power Failure
  • Civil Disorders
  • Natural Disasters
  • Emergency Maintenance
Where to Report

Contact the Public Affairs Department during any type of emergency situation or normal media coverage when a news crew is dispatched to the Airport. During an emergency situation, representatives of the Public Affairs Department will make every effort to have the news media escorted as close as possible to the emergency scene. In addition, a Command Post/Communication Center will be established at or near the emergency scene. Briefings and interviews will be held at or near the emergency when possible. In addition to the representatives of the Public Affairs staff listed on the Media Protocols page, the Airport CEO and senior staff are the only authorized spokespersons regarding the operation of Philadelphia International Airport. Every effort will be made to secure spokespersons from other involved agencies, airlines, and tenants for interviews when necessary. Please be prepared to present media credentials.

Directions to Media Parking for the Multipurpose Lot from I-95S

  • Take Exit 12B, Rte. 291- Cargo City
  • Make a left unto Rte. 291/Bartram Ave. at the traffic light at the end of the exit ramp towards Cargo City/Lester.
  • Make a left unto Industrial Highway at "Wally Park".
  • Follow sign for Arriving Flights
  • Follow signs for Uber/Lyft to the sign that says "Commercial Vehicles Only" and stay to the right
  • When you access the lot through the gate arms, follow the Uber/Lyft sign to the right. Follow this road past the hold lot and it will bring you directly to the South Commercial Road at Terminal A. Continue on South Commercial Rd. to the multipurpose lot.
  • There are two entrances at either end.
  • Enter the lot and park in a lined, marked space.
  • Please do not set up equipment in parking spaces.

Restricted Area
Please be advised the Air Operations Area (AOA) is a restricted area. The AOA is defined as all surface areas inside the perimeter fence line of the airfield. Requests for access to this area must be directed to the Marketing and Public Affairs Department. *Do not attempt to enter any secured area of the Airport without proper clearance or escort. Unauthorized access is a violation of federal law, and individuals will be subject to police action.

Security Checkpoints
Security checkpoints are under the jurisdiction of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). TSA is responsible for all passenger and baggage screening. Under no circumstances are media allowed past the
security checkpoints.

Official Spokespersons for PHL Passenger Airlines
Air Canada


Air Canada  

Peter Fitzpatrick  

Corporate Communications  


416 948-7598 (cell) 


Alaska Airlines


Alaska Airlines

Corporate Communications


American Airlines and American Eagle


American Airlines & American Eagle

Andrew Trull

Media Relations


Corporate Communications

British Airways


British Airways


Delta Airlines & Delta Connection


Delta Airlines & Delta Connection

Morgan Durrant


404-625-5570 – mobile


Gerome Sene

PHL Station Manager


404-775-6409 – mobile


Corporate Communications

404-715-2554 (24/7)

404-715-5876 (fax)

888-763-5304 (after-hours)

Frontier Airlines


Frontier Airlines

Primary Contact:

Corporate Communications



Secondary Contacts:

Jennifer F. de la Cruz

Director of Corporate Communications

305-205-4465 – mobile


Zach Kramer

Manager of Corporate Communications

559-708-8248 – mobile

jetBlue Airways


JetBlue Airways

Corporate Communications


Lufthansa German Airlines


Lufthansa German Airlines

Christina Semmel,

Manager Corporate Communications North America

+1 516-296-9671

Qatar Airways


Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Group

Corporate Communications Departments

+974 4022-2200

Southwest Airlines


Southwest Airlines

Corporate Communications


Spirit Airlines


Spirit Airlines

Media Center


sun country airlines


Sun Country Airlines  

Jessica Wheeler  

Senior Director Marketing Communications  



Erin Blanton  

Communications Manager  


United Airlines


United Airlines

Media Relations



Official Spokespersons for PHL Cargo Activity
ATI logo


Air Transport International (ATI)  

Paul Cunningham  


DB Schenker logo


DB Schenker

Jamie Alcantara 

USA Marketing 

786- 602-3071(cell) 

DHL logo



Robert Mintz  

Public Relations  


425-984-4249 (cell) 

dnata logo



Angelo Loggia  

PHL Station Manager  

215-450-2497 (cell) 

FedEx logo


Federal Express (FedEx) 

Joseph Pilong  

PHL Ramp Senior Manager 


General Media Line 901-434-8100 

UPS logo


United Parcel Service (UPS) 
Jim Mayer 
Public Relations Manager 
UPS Airlines 

502-595-7061 (cell)  

worldwide flight services logo


Worldwide Flight Services  

Frank Rapone   



Official Spokespersons for PHL U.S. Government Agencies
City of Philadelphia


City & Local  

City of Philadelphia Department of Commerce  

Kevin Lessard  

Deputy Communications Director 



Taj Magruder  

Communications Director  


U.S Customs and Border Protection


Customs and Border Protection (CBP)  

Stephen Sapp  

215-594-4117 (office)  

215-390-6935 (cell)

Department of Homeland Security


Department of Homeland Security (DHS) 

Office of Public Affairs  


Federal Aviation Administration


Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)  

Arlene Salac  




Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) 

Carrie Adamowski 

Public Affairs Officer 

267-807-6482 (office) 

215-292-8127 (cell) 

Immigration and Customs Enforcement


Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)  





Andrew Busch  

Chief Press Officer  




Transportation Security Administration (TSA)  

Lisa Farbstein  

571-227-4665 (office) 


Official Spokespersons for Emergency Response
OEM logo


Office of Emergency Management  

Jeffrey Kolakowski  

Communications Manager  


Philadelphia Fire Department logo


Philadelphia Fire Department  

Kathy Matheson  

Communications Director 


Philadelphia Police Department logo


Philadelphia Police Department  

Sergeant Eric Gripp 

Public Information Officer  

Social and Digital Media Manager 



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