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Capital Development offers an exciting opportunity to be part of an innovative effort to transform PHL into a premier global hub. By smartly sourcing and connecting large, small and diverse businesses to real opportunities, we will achieve our goals, engage the business community and deliver a first class experience for travelers.

Contracting opportunities will be updated regularly; tables below as of April 2022.


Professional Services Opportunities 

Quarter 2 - 2022





On-Call Sustainability

Assistance with the Sustainability program and planning efforts, ongoing implementation of goals, targets, and initiatives established in the Sustainability Action Plan, establishment of baseline metrics and projections, involvement with comprehensive management programs related to waste, energy, air emissions, climate change, noise, wetlands, and land management, water conservation, ground transportation, and possibly other sustainability initiatives with social (employee and stakeholder-based) and/or economic components at PHL and PNE. 


Airport Utility Infrastructure Master Plan

Provide Project Management services and develop and implement an Airport campus-wide Utility Infrastructure Master Plan.  

Architect and Engineer Services

City of Philadelphia, Division of Aviation seeks qualified applicants to provide comprehensive project management, engineering, survey, and location services for the implementation of a utility infrastructure master plan. 25-30% MBE and/or WBE


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Public Works Opportunities 


Quarter 2 -2022



Terminal A East HVAC Distribution

The project consists of the replacement of nineteen (19) Air Handling Units in Concourse A East and associated gas piping.  

Taxiway Y & U

Project details include full depth reconstruction to address pavement conditions as well as geometric corrections at Taxiway connectors entering Runway 9R-27L to meet FAA standards.


HVAC Piping Replacement

Updating of HVAC equipment and piping at various locations throughout the Airport.


AB Ramp Tower Metal Fascia & Roof Assembly

Full removal of the existing the A/B Ramp Tower EPDM roofing system and replacement with a new PVC roof membrane R-30 value, new Facia Metal, Handrail adjustment, and lightning protection.  

A West Door Replacement

Replacement of security doors at twenty-four (24) sterile corridors portals located in Terminal A-West. Scope includes architectural, electrical and systems disciplines work.  

Landside Roadway Rehabilitation

Approximately 3,350 linear feet encompassing 15,000 square yards of milling existing bituminous concrete and replacement with new isolated full-depth repairs and crack routing and sealing.


Lavatory Dump Station Improvements

Multi-disciplined improvements to the existing lavatory dump facilities located at Terminals A-West and F.


Baggage Tug Tunnel Improvements

Replacement of damaged expansion joints, strengthen concrete supports, improve water mitigation, upgrade ventilation, replace fire suppression systems, upgrade electrical and more in the B/C tunnels.


Electrical Improvements- Emergency Substation

The project includes the replacement of five (5) 5kV primary selective indoor emergency substations in the Central Utility Building and Terminals A-East, B, C and D.  Relocation and replacement of (1) one 5kV primary selective emergency substation in the Baggage Claim A area.



Quarter 3 -2022



Restroom Renovations Phase 5-9

This major project incorporating all trades consists of thirty-one sets of new Restrooms and seven sets of renovated restrooms throughout the Terminals.


Mechanical Room 11 & BC Baggage Claim

The proposed scope of work replaces the rooftop air handling units (RTUs) serving the B-C Baggage Claim area as well as damaged piping associated with the RTUs. Additionally, the scope includes equipment upgrades in Mechanical Room #11 serving the hydronic system associated with the B-C Baggage Claim RTUs.


BC Bag Claim Roof

The existing roof assembly is comprised of a mix of Single-Ply EPDM and 2-Ply SBS Modified Bitumen. Project consists of the removal of EPDM roof and provision of new roof, flashings edge trim, expansion joints and other related accessories of this +/- 100,000 square foot project. \


BC Control Tower Demolition

Complete demolition of the Tower to the 4th Floor Roof and infill of the 4th Floor Roof, hatch, and a new exterior caged ladder at 3rd Floor catwalk of Terminal B.


BC Control Tower Demolition

Complete demolition of the Tower to the 4th Floor Roof and infill of the 4th Floor Roof, hatch, and a new exterior caged ladder at 3rd Floor catwalk of Terminal B.


A West Thermal Plant-Cooling Tower Upgrades

The A-West Thermal Plant equipment, including boilers, chillers, cooling towers, and pumps, will be upgraded and replaced with new, more efficient technology aligned with the building operational requirements. This upgrade will reduce overall maintenance requirements in the plant and increase controllability through replacement of the existing outdated control system.



Quarter 4 -2022




ARFF Training Facility Grading Improvement

The ARFF Grading project entails addressing drainage and frequent ponding of water as well as alleviate drainage issues outside the Fuel Spill Trainer and the nearby outfall while addressing requirements of installing drainage structures and pipes to properly drain the entire facility.


Fort Mifflin Tunnel Rehabilitation

Improvements to the Fort Mifflin Tunnel consists of Electrical, mechanical, ventilation, and fire/life safety systems.


Terminal A East HVAC Distribution (phase 2)

The project consists of the replacement of twenty (20) Air Handling Units throughout Terminal A East and associated gas piping.


Taxiway K Phase 6 Construction

Pavement rehabilitation of Taxiway K between west of Taxiway V and east of Taxiway T by converting existing asphalt to concrete, installation of drainage structures, electrical appurtenances including duct banks, structures, conduits, signs along with pavement markings.