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Capital Development offers an exciting opportunity to be part of an innovative effort to transform PHL into a premier global hub. By smartly sourcing and connecting large, small, and diverse businesses to real opportunities, we will achieve our goals, engage the business community and deliver a first-class experience for travelers.

Contracting opportunities will be updated regularly; the tables below are as of April 2023.


Professional Services Opportunities 


Quarter 2 - 2023




On Call Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Engineering Services

Provide comprehensive professional Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering design and consulting services on an as needed basis, at Philadelphia International Airport and Northeast Philadelphia Airport.


Small Order Purchase: Airport Campus Pedestrian Safety Assessment

This effort will focus on evaluating pedestrian safety issues at several locations along the various roadways serving PHL. the locations may include, but are not limited to, Departures Road, Arrivals Road, South/North Commercial Road, Garage Access Road, and Recirculation Road. The areas of interests may include the Terminal E/F SEPTA Stop, the illegal crossing of Departures Road in front of Terminal F, the illegal crossing of Garage Access Road from the Parking Structures to the Rental Car areas, etc. The objective of the assessment is to accurately define the problems and to propose several viable solutions. 


Small Order Purchase: Joint Sealing and Seal Coating Project for Airfield Pavement

This effort will be focused on replacing the joint sealant on both new and old pavements. Scope of work will also include removing and repairing the longitudinal joints on the aprons, runway and taxiways and associated spall repair. This work will also include evaluating existing asphalt pavement needs for seal coating. Work areas will be located Airside at PHL and the designer is expected to meet all the safety requirements for working in the AOA. 


Small Order Purchase: Tree Inventory 

This effort will focus on creating an inventory of the trees and tree canopy at PHL and PNE. The information that will be collected will include- species, diameter at breast height (DBH), condition, location, and approximate height. The data collected in this inventory will be delivered in a Geographic Information System and will be used to support environmental planning, tree maintenance, and the Obstacle Action Plans at both airports. 




Public Works Opportunities 

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Construction Opportunities for Terminal Energy Optimization Program (TEOP): Click here for a list of construction opportunities for the TEOP.

Quarter 2 - 2023



PC Air Phase 3 (VALE)

Mechanical & Electrical contractors needed for the replacement of fifteen (15) existing Pre-Conditioned Air units (PCAs) and fifteen (15) existing Ground Power Units (GPUs) in Concourses D and E. This includes electrical upgrades needed to accommodate the additional power requirements.


Taxiway Lima-Package 2

This project is a full-depth rehabilitation including taxiway width reduction from 75’ to 50’, installation of new shoulders of 20’, taxiway pavement markings, taxiway safety area grading, and installation and/or adjustment of drainage and electrical structures.


Taxiway K Rehabilitation (Phase 3)

Taxiway K Phase 3 entails the rehabilitation of existing asphalt pavement of approximately 700 feet located between east of Taxiway T and west of Taxiway Q to 17 inches of concrete over 5 inche of asphalt. The major work includes removal of existing pavement, electrical and drainage structures, conduit, base cans and pavement markings. This project also includes installation of new duct banks, drainage structures, pipes and cleanouts along with pavement markings, topsoil and seeding.


1901 Sacrificial Slabs

The airfield pavement program will include the reconstruction of concrete sacrificial slabs around the concourse buildings. As part of the sacrificial slab replacement, apron joint sealing will be completed as well.


Terminal A East HVAC Distribution (Phase 2)

The project consists of replacing twenty (19) Air Handling Units throughout Terminal A East and associated gas piping.


A West Substation

To accommodate larger aircraft at Terminal A-West, ongoing upgrades to ancillary equipment require additional power. PHL will be requesting bids for installation of a new double ended substation to accommodate upgraded equipment power demands.


Mechanical Room 11 & BC Baggage Claim

The proposed scope of work replaces the rooftop air handling units (RTUs) serving the B-C Baggage Claim area and the damaged piping associated with the RTUs. Additionally, the scope includes equipment upgrades in Mechanical Room #11, serving the hydronic system associated with the B-C Baggage Claim RTUs.


Carpentry Shop HVAC

The project involves replacing the existing 50-ton makeup air unit and associated condensing unit with a gas heating and DX cooling unit per PHL specifications. Also replacement of the existing split unit condensing units as well as the associated evaporator, piping, and controls, including ducts and dust/particle filtration system as needed. This project also incorporates the installation of  Bipolar Ionization in the unit and connection to the Building automation system and upgrades to the electrical system as needed.


LED Phase 3

This LED conversion is a continuation of an existing program to address replacement of obsolete T12 light fixtures with energy efficient LED, providing increased light output while reducing energy costs.



Quarter 3 - 2023




The PHL Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) project will replace the existing components of the existing SCADA network by connecting 40 medium voltage substations in the airport terminal complex.  When complete, the functioning SCADA system will allow DOA maintenance personnel to monitor the actions and operations of the substations without visiting the substations physically.  Scope includes an independent fiber optic network, replacement of digital meters, new layer II  data switches, dedicated system servers, and remote desktop nodes of the system to view the data and performance of the substations.


Fort Mifflin Tunnel Rehabilitation

Improvements to the Fort Mifflin Tunnel include electrical, mechanical, ventilation, and fire/life safety systems.


A West Thermal Plant-Cooling Tower Upgrades

The A-West Thermal Plant equipment, including boilers, chillers, cooling towers, and pumps, will be upgraded and replaced with new, more efficient technology aligned with the building’s operational requirements. This upgrade will reduce overall maintenance requirements in the plant and increase controllability by replacing the existing outdated control system.


Engineered Material Arresting System

Runway 8-26 Engineered Material Arresting System (EMAS) installation to improve runway safety areas (RSA) at the eastern end of the runway.


E Concourse RTU

Replacement of HVAC units at E concurse Roof Top Units The project consists of replacing fifteen (15) Air Handling Units throughout E Concourse including associated gas piping.



Quarter 4 - 2023




Terminal D Bridges and Ticketing Roof and HVAC Roof Top Unit Replacement

Project consists of the replacement of 170,000 square feet of roofing along with HVAC roof top units replacement.


Concourse Sewage Line Upgrades

Project involves upgrade to older portions of the concourse sewage line system, external and internal to the terminal complex, including portions of concrete encased terra cotta mains.


CCTV Upgrades (Phase 2B)

Continued upgrades to the existing system to 100% IP while significantly increasing CCTV viewing coverage; upgrade the video management system (VMS) to allow for more efficient management and resource allocation; and upgrade control rooms/MDFs to support the new system; and replace network infrastructure, new fiber, equipment, storage, duct bank/concrete encased conduit, and switches necessary to support the new VMS/IP CCTV configuration.


Taxiway Charlie

The scope of work anticipated is milling and replacing depth of 4 to 7 inches of asphalt.  Some areas may receive more/less depending on grade adjustments.  Deeper rehabilitation sections may be required in some areas with more extensive damage. In addition to the pavement rehabilitation, project also involves installation of electrical components and pavement markings.


Fire Protection Upgrades

Upgrade fire protection systems at various areas throughout the Airport.


PNE Administration Building

Existing administrative building improvements include ADA accessible entrance and restrooms, as well as the installation of a geothermal air conditioning system.


A East HVAC Upgrades (Phase 3)

The project consists of the replacement of sixteen (16) Air Handling Units in Concourse A East and associated gas piping.

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