Small Business Element Program

Philadelphia International Airport is implementing a Small Business Element (SBE) Program as required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This program seeks to increase small and diverse business participation and will initially apply to FAA Grant Funded Projects.  Coupled with our new Unbundling Program it will provide opportunities sized specifically for small and diverse firms to gain experience as prime contractors.

The verification requirements to become an SBE at PHL include owners meeting the Personal Net Worth Cap of $1,320,000 in assets (excluding the values of both your primary residence and the value on the business seeking verification) and the businesses meeting the Business Size Cap of $23,980,000 three year average of gross receipts;  including any affiliate firms. These requirements match the US DOT's PNW and Business Size requirements for DBE certification. If you're already PA UCP certified as a DBE; you're grandfathered into the SBE Program and need do nothing. You will automatically be listed in our SBE Directory


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