Animal Relief Areas



Seven specially-designed Service Animal Relief Areas (“Pet Ports”) are located in every terminal.  There are also animal relief areas located outside the airport on the Departing Flights Road and outside the bag claim buildings on the Arrivals side:

​Inside the Terminals:
  • Terminal A-West, near Gate A-16
  • Terminal A-East, near the bus stop at Gate A-1
  • Terminal B, near the B side of the A-B walkway
  • Terminal C, near the C side of the C-D walkway
  • Terminal D, near the D side of the C/D walkway
  • Terminal D, between D-3 and D-5
  • Terminal E, at Gate E-1
  • Terminal F, just beyond the security checkpoint
On the Departing Flights Road:
  • Between Terminals A-West and A-East
  • Between Terminal B/C ticketing and the Airport Communications Center
  • After Terminal E
  • After Terminal F
​On the Arrivals side
  • Adjacent to Terminal A-East bag claim along the Arriving Flights road
  • ​Adjacent to Terminal B bag claim along the Commercial Vehicle Roadway
  • Adjacent to Terminal E bag claim along the Commercial Vehicle Roadway