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Capital Development at PHL Airport is bringing innovation to our airfields and terminals and is strengthening our regional economic impact. Through the initiative, PHL Airport is continuing a commitment of over $1.263 billion in approved funding to make critical improvements and develop new infrastructure at both PHL Airport and Philadelphia Northeast Airport (PNE). These airfield and terminal projects, which began in 2012, are improving the customer experience, laying the groundwork for future development, and capitalizing on the role that the Airport plays as a regional economic engine.


Capital Development Program - view of airfield


As of October 2022, Capital Development has invested over $258 million in 179 ongoing and completed projects. In total $1.2 billion is approved to provide innovations and improvements to the Airport including $388 million for airfield and apron projects, $451 million for Terminal and landside projects, $89 million to upgrade security and information technology, $31 million for PNE projects and $301 million is approved for Terminal Redevelopment and expansion. To date, approximately 13% of the total approved budget has been allocated to fund projects from the planning phase to completion. 

Capital Development Program - view of the airfield


Major improvements have been made to enhance the customer experience at the Airport such as modernizing its 48 sets of passenger-facing restrooms to not only accommodate more travelers but to keep them safe by implementing COVID-19 mitigation strategies including touchless restrooms equipment. To enhance pedestrian safety on its roadways, In Road Warning Light (IRWL) systems on Arrivals Road and Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons (RRFB) on South Commercial Road were installed. The project also involved repaving, adding new raised crosswalks, and making ADA compliant curb ramp improvements to the commercial vehicle side of the Arrivals Road, enlarging the taxi loading lane at B-C baggage claim, and installing bus shelters for rental car passenger pickup on the South Commercial Road.

Additionally, Capital Development's East Airfield Rehabilitation Project was named the recipient of the 2021 Philadelphia Aviation Project Award in the March of Dimes Annual Transportation, Building, and Construction awards. This project was formally recognized in November 2021 at the organization’s annual awards event, which honors leaders and projects from the public and private sectors of the transportation, building, and construction industries.


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Capital Development includes engineers, planners, architects, and managers that contribute to airport projects on the airfield and in the terminals. Our team plans, coordinates, budgets and supervises construction projects from early development throughout construction, making sure jobs are completed on time and on budget.

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