Cargo at PHL

In addition to the right location, Philadelphia International Airport has all the right facilities to handle cargo aircraft and keep cargo moving: Around the clock operations; steady growth in cargo lift; long 12,000 and 9,500-foot runways; two commuter runways; major airport capacity enhancements for the 21st century.

Philadelphia International Airport's access to major interstate highways running in all directions is unsurpassed. It is located right next to I-95, running from Maine to Florida, and within a few minutes of the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-76) and the New Jersey Turnpike. Greater Philadelphia, the nation's 6th largest metropolitan area, is a great place to locate air cargo-related businesses.

Nonstop Cargo at PHL 24-Hour Operation 


There is no substitute for location, and PHL is right in the middle of the most densely packed geographic region in the United States. Most "airfreight eligible" commodity manufacturers in the USA are within an easy overnight truck drive (12 hours), and even more can be reached on the next day (16 hours).


  •  Almost half of the nation's population is within a one-day drive of Philadelphia
  •  Six of the eight largest U.S. markets and four Canadian markets are within a one-day drive of Philadelphia
  •  In 2020, PHL handled 623,127.5 tons of cargo


Cargo Destinations Spider Map