Rob Fisher: American Dream
Rob Fisher: American Dream
Terminal A-West Arrival Halls, Open to Public

American Dream is a visionary construct of America as seen through the eyes of an artist whose 
family, with its immigrant roots, has lived the American dream. Rendered in metal, glass, and light, the suite of three artworks, Quotation, Signature Piece, and Declaration that comprise American Dream 
creates from the words, signatures and imagery of the Declaration of Independence, a unified work of art. Fisher claimed, "It is, in fact, a work of concrete poetry visually conveying its meaning 
through the graphic arrangement ofletters, words and symbols on the 'page' that is the Arrivals 
Fisher's interest in large scale pieces led to his innovative use of computer visualization to model his increasingly complex objects in 1979. Fisher is considered a pioneer in the application of the 
computer to art. 
His sculpture studio remains in a nearby historic mill, where his family and staff continue his artistic legacy and aesthetic direction, under Rob Fisher Sculpture, LLC. 
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