Saron McKee
Saron McKee 

Saron McKee

Saron McKee, Director of Access and Accessible Programs
Philadelphia International Airport | Northeast Philadelphia Airport

Saron McKee, Director of Access and Accessible Programs, joined the airport in January 2020 to direct a new unit that provides compliance, oversight, and programs for guests with disabilities. While at the airport, among other things, McKee has completed an ADA self-evaluation, provided trainings, created an internal ADA team and implemented new policies, programs, and procedures to ensure equity for guests with disabilities. 

Before joining the airport, McKee served as the City of Philadelphia’s first Director of ADA Compliance, where they worked on the city’s transition plan, created, and implemented ADA policies, trained a team of 150 City ADA Liaisons to ensure that individuals with disabilities can participate in city programs, services, and activities. McKee also advised on compliance agreements and complaints against the city, tracked and resolved modification requests and grievances, provided technical assistance.

Deeply committed to working towards full inclusion in all aspects of society, McKee has dedicated her career to practices of accessibility, providing education and training, and ensuring accessible transportation, housing, arts, educational facilities, and city, state and local governments. Before relocating to Philadelphia, McKee worked almost 20 years at the Seattle Housing Authority (10 years) as ADA/504 Coordinator, the National ADA Network as an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Training and Information Specialist, and VSA Arts of Washington (eight years), working with artists with disabilities and assisting art organizations to meet ADA standards. 

McKee is a Western Washington University alum with a MA in Rehabilitation Counseling and a BA in Human Services. McKee has completed all but the dissertation toward a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Additionally, she holds a certificate as a Reasonable Accommodation Specialist.

McKee seeks to move PHL forward, ensuring equality and inclusion in our programs for people with disabilities who travel through PHL. Additionally, it is our goal to go beyond the ADA standards to ensure that PHL is accessible to everyone for years to come. 

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